Governance Structure

Towngas has established an ESG Committee that is responsible for overseeing the Company’s ESG strategies, policies and practices. Headed by the Managing Director of the Company, this Committee comprises nine Executive Committee members and senior management. The Chairman, who is appointed by the Towngas Board of Directors, reports ESG matters to the Board.

Together, the ten members represent different areas of our business, including operations, finance, human resources, engineering, commercial, health, safety and the environment, and community engagement. The Committee is thus able to facilitate the decision-making of the Board and contribute to the sustainable growth of the Company.

The ESG Committee is responsible for identifying and reviewing ESG issues, risks and opportunities; tracking ESG performance and recommending strategies to improve it; reviewing and evaluating the annual ESG Report and recommending its endorsement by the Board/Executive Committee; and providing updates to the Board/Executive Committee on the latest relevant ESG matters.

Structure of the ESG Committee

Structure of the ESG Committee
Structure of the ESG Committee

Members of the ESG Committee

  • Mr Peter Wong (Chairman) Managing Director

  • Mr John Ho Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

  • Miss Kit Fan Head of Corporate Human Resources

  • Mr Simon Ngo Head of Engineering – Hong Kong Utilities

  • Mr Daniel Fung Head of Strategy & Innovation and Commercial – Hong Kong Utilities

  • Mr Martin Kee Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Gas Business

  • Mr John Qiu Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Renewable Business

  • Mr Alan Chan Chief Investment Officer

  • Mr Isaac Yeung Head of Corporate ESG/ Head of Corporate Affairs