Creating Business Opportunities

Diversify our portfolio for business development growth and deliver sustainable economic performance

Management Approach

Reliable Operations and Clean Energy Transition
Innovation and Digitalisation

Reliable Operations and Clean Energy Transition

We are committed to providing our customers with a safe, reliable supply of energy. Our gas production plants were designed and built based on proven engineering and chemical processes, and we exert great efforts in safeguarding the conditions and availability of the plants.

With such solid foundations, we have continued to develop more sustainable forms of energy that will transform our business for years to come.

This transformation is part of the broader transition to cleaner energy that is currently taking place across the globe. By diversifying into related businesses such as clean energy and smart energy, we believe we can play a leading role in this process - in line with our Vision to be Asia’s leading supplier of clean energy.

Innovation and Digitalisation

Innovation, which is at the heart of our corporate culture,is embedded in our philosophy of “Growth = innovation x implementation”.

We promote innovation by welcoming ideas — from both in-house sources and the wider community — that enable us to achieve a low-carbon economy and the continuing growth of our business.

Internally, we have established platforms and initiatives such as our Dream Zone, Towngas Hall of Innovation and G = i x i Lab, which inspire our staff to think creatively. If an idea is considered feasible, we will provide the funding needed to help bring their concepts to life.

We also have two research and development facilities, in Shanghai city and Suzhou city, that are dedicated to producing advanced biofuels from agricultural waste, inedible bio-grease and other feedstocks.

Externally, we look for innovative technologies, products and solutions from across the globe, particularly those related to smart energy.

Key Performance Figures


Uninterrupted gas supply: 99.996% (Hong Kong)

Concluded HK$2 billion ESG loans

Extended city-gas business in the Chinese mainland to 28 provincial regions, and served more than 35 million customer accounts

More than 110 renewable energy projects planned and 32 zero-carbon smart industrial parks negotiated for development

Produced approximately 180,000 tonnes of advanced biofuel hydro-treated vegetable oil in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu province


Held the first smart energy innovation competition TERA-Award

Future Actions and Targets

  • Invest in


    zero-carbon industrial parks with a total capacity of

    8 GW

    solar photovoltaics by 2025

  • Look forward to producing

    Sustainable Aviation Fuel

    in the near future

  • Explore the feasibility of providing


    for clean energy applications in Tai Po Gas Production Plant